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Chief Commercial Officer – South Africa

Reference: RM160E

The candidate has demonstrated extensive expertise in legal and compliance roles within the banking and legal sectors. Beginning their career as a legal assistant, they quickly moved into roles that required significant legal acumen, handling complex legal documents, court processes, and client consultations. Their tenure as a candidate attorney further honed skills in court appearances and legal drafting, particularly in debt collection and corporate law areas. Progressing to managerial roles, they managed legal collections and oversaw comprehensive compliance frameworks for a major bank, developing and implementing compliance training across multiple business centers. Their skills extend to strategic planning and risk management, particularly in setting up compliance functions from scratch and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements across various legislative frameworks.

Functional Skills:

  • Legal document drafting and court procedure management
  • Client consultation and statement taking
  • Debt collection and credit management
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Strategic planning and operations management
  • Training development and execution
  • Regulatory and legislative analysis

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully passed all four attorney admission examinations and admitted as an Attorney of South Africa
  • Instrumental in setting up compliance functions for newly established banks
  • Led the development of market conduct frameworks for major insurance firms
  • Played a pivotal role in managing and re-structuring compliance operations for a venture capital firm
  • Developed the first automated KYC process for a group, enhancing compliance and operational efficiency
South African Candidate