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Global VP FinTech products and Platforms – Dubai

Reference: RM157S

The candidate has over a decade of progressive experience in the payments industry, highlighted by significant roles in product and platform development for fintechs. With a proven track record of leadership, they have led teams and projects that developed digital assets and value-added services for both traditional and non-traditional customers. Notably, they have conceptualized and launched innovative payment solutions, effectively managed significant partnerships, and have been involved in strategic mergers and acquisitions, all aimed at enhancing digital payment ecosystems across multiple regions.

Functional Skills

  • Product and Value Proposition Development: Expert in designing and commercializing fintech products and platforms that cater to a global market.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Business Development: Skilled in negotiating and managing high-value partnerships with key industry players to drive revenue growth and market expansion.
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation: Proficient in leading digital transformation initiatives, focusing on building digital-first solutions, such as mobile and electronic payments, and enhancing customer experience through technology.
  • Data and Analytics: Adept at leveraging data analytics to improve product offerings and customer engagement, with significant experience in developing open banking capabilities.
  • Team Leadership and Management: Strong leadership capabilities, proven by the ability to manage cross-regional teams and inspire them to achieve business goals.

Key Achievements

  • Award Winning Leadership: Received the MEA President’s Award for outstanding teamwork in 2019.
  • Revenue Growth: Spearheaded initiatives that generated new revenue streams from zero to $5 million within two years.
  • Innovative Product Launches: Launched the first multi-currency travel prepaid card in the UAE market, setting a benchmark in the travel finance sector.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Successfully secured and managed a five-year strategic partnership that significantly propelled digital growth for the largest e-commerce merchant in Africa.