Retention & Increasing Transaction Volumes

How to Increase Transaction volumes & retain merchants during the downturn

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent global crisis have brought many industries close to collapse but provided a unique opportunity for the FinTech Industry to demonstrate its agility, resilience and ingenuity – the characteristics required to survive times of uncertainty.

During our first webinar, we were joined by co-hosts Andreas Demleitner the co-founder of Peach Payments, a payment platform operating across Africa along with Simon Hardie, the founder and CEO of Findexable, a global index of FinTech companies offering investor support service.

With a wealth of experience, the hosts share insight into the state of the current Global Payments industry as well as ideas to increase transaction volumes while retaining merchants amidst a global economic and humanitarian crisis.

A major decline in point of sale and ATM withdrawals have been experienced and begs the question of whether consumers are moving away from using cash and adopting alternative payment solutions. Advice on how merchants could harness this opportunity to implement digital and contactless solutions is shared. FinTech businesses have to be responsive and meet industry demands, which led to the accelerated adoption of digital solutions.

Transaction volumes can be increased despite the economic downturn. The hosts identify opportunities that will ensure responsiveness to market demands and stay ahead of the curve, using a SWOT analysis listing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that can help find business solutions. Listeners are encouraged to take advantage of value-adds that are offered to their business, as it can assist a business to survive during difficult times.  

Maintaining relationships and retaining merchants is very important if you wish to thrive in a robust industry. The FinTech industry should assist merchants with solutions to their challenges, thereby positioning the industry as a strategic partner and an integral part of merchants’ success.

Watch the full recording above.

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