Special Episode with RelyComply: Decoding Financial Crime

decoding financial crime

In this special episode of “Talking Success,” Darren sits down with James Saunders (CTO & Co-founder) and Bradley Elliot (CEO) of RelyComply to delve into the complex world of financial crime. The discussion covers the significant impacts of financial crime, including human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and terrorism financing, highlighting the often-overlooked consequences on society and the environment.

RelyComply and their fight against Financial Crime

James and Brad explain RelyComply’s end-to-end platform designed to help large financial enterprises tackle financial crime more effectively. They discuss the evolving regulatory landscape, particularly in South Africa, where the FATF grey listing has heightened the focus on anti-money laundering (AML) measures and the necessity for financial institutions to adopt a more proactive, risk-based approach.

The episode explores the importance of public-private partnerships in combating financial crime, emphasising the need for greater collaboration and transparency between regulators and industry players. Darren, James, and Brad also introduce the upcoming “Decoding Financial Crime” event, set for 29-30 August in Cape Town. This unique, invite-only event aims to foster meaningful engagement among key stakeholders, including regulators, policy makers, and industry leaders, in a secure and private setting.

Decoding Financial Crime

Join us for an insightful conversation that sheds light on the current challenges and future directions in the fight against financial crime. Don’t miss the announcements and insights shared throughout the episode!

decoding financial crime


00:09 – Introduction to the episode and guests

01:38 – James and Bradley introduce themselves and RelyComply

02:47 – Discussing the impact of FATF grey listing in South Africa

03:55 – Changes in compliance expectations and the shift from reactive to proactive measures

05:10 – The real-world implications of money laundering and financial crime

06:12 – Public understanding of compliance and its importance

07:43 – Moving from a checkbox exercise to a risk-based approach 08:45 – The role of financial institutions in investigating and preventing financial crime

10:02 – Collaboration between regulators and private sector

11:25 – Trends and challenges in the financial services industry

12:15 – Introduction to the “Decoding Financial Crime” event

14:02 – Importance of the event and goals for public-private collaboration

15:37 – Insights on industry and regulatory expectations

19:10 – Future challenges and the evolving nature of financial crime

22:19 – Planning for future threats in financial crime

24:40 – Understanding organised crime and its implications

29:38 – Managing the risks associated with digital currencies and crypto

32:13 – Details about the “Decoding Financial Crime” event

For more details about the event and to see if you can still secure a spot, visit the link below. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more insightful episodes of “Talking Success”!

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