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Senior Sales Executive – South Africa

Reference: RM159M

This candidate has demonstrated extensive expertise in business development and relationship management across multiple sectors, including banking, financial services, and merchant services, spanning over two decades. From 1997 to the present, they have held key roles focused on sales, account management, and client relations. Notable positions include Sales Executive and Key Accounts Manager at a major banking institution, and Business Development Manager at notable companies in the financial services sector. Their responsibilities have encompassed growing client bases, managing sales pipelines, onboarding e-commerce clients, and maintaining strong client relationships through effective communication and conflict resolution. Their skills in navigating complex sales cycles and converting prospective clients into long-term partners highlight their strategic acumen and dedication to driving business growth.

Functional Skills

  • Strong account management and relationship building
  • Proficient in sales pipeline management
  • Skilled in conflict resolution and providing timely client solutions
  • Experienced in managing full sales cycles from lead generation to closure
  • Effective in using CRM tools like Salesforce to track and manage sales activities
  • Competent in organizing and hosting networking events to generate leads
  • Capable of delivering presentations and training sessions

Key Achievements

  • Successfully expanded corporate client bases across government and private sectors, significantly increasing market share.
  • Implemented effective sales strategies and training, contributing to enhanced business processes and client service delivery.
  • Achieved notable sales targets and maintained high client retention rates through excellent account management and service.
  • Played a pivotal role in onboarding major e-commerce clients, enhancing the digital footprint and revenue streams of the businesses served.
South African Candidate