Understanding the ‘Why’

Through my experience at Titc.io, I have come to realise that the ‘human’ element plays an integral part in understanding the “why” and how we make the career choices we do. By showing a real interest and getting to know the people we speak to globally, we are able to truly understand what drives them and where their passion lies. Often people may not even realise what their true passion is and we help them to identify and find their “Why?”. In some cases people may feel that they are happy and content in a job that they have had for many years, but through conversation, we are able to open up and expose them to a new “Why?”, a new challenge, and a fresh direction.

Connecting for success

Titc.io prides itself in connecting for success. With an aim to put the ‘human’ element back into recruiting, we help you delve deep into finding your innermost “Why?” We help you define and design a vision for your career that will give you something to strive for at each stage. A new challenge to wake up to each day and a purpose that you can truly get behind.

Once you have your true vision and your “Why?”, it becomes easier to align your vision with the kind of company you are looking to join. If your vision and values are aligned with the company you are potentially looking to join, you are well on your way to full job satisfaction and a true and meaningful connection for success. 

Choosing a new career path

Choosing a new career path has become so much more about the people, their passion and the emotional aspect of a job, as opposed to nitty-gritty financials, monetary benefits or even the contract. People are looking for a strong leader that inspires, a place to make a difference, an opportunity to make an impact, a chance to be challenged, to build something from scratch and even expand a company into new unchartered territories! What really matters is different from person to person and that is why building real relationships and really connecting with each and every person we speak to is key to hearing ‘their truth’ and setting them on a path aligned with their unique vision for their career.

For many, it’s no longer the size of the company or even how long it has been around. It’s the size of the challenge and the size of the impact that person can potentially have on humanity that can positively influence human lives for the better. 

How you can be more successful

In 2009 Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more successful in their careers and companies to inspire their employees to be more successful by breaking down their core values and aspirations to reveal there true “Why?”. Sinek states, by starting with your “Why?” you are led to a powerful idea called ‘The Golden Circle’ that provides a powerful framework upon which organisations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired!

Sinek also hosts a presentation called ‘If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business’ where he speaks about “as individuals and companies everything that we say and do is a symbol of who we are”. He mentions that, “when we are surrounded by people who share a common belief and vision, something truly remarkable happens, trust emerges. When we have trust, we are willing to take risks, willing to experiment even in the face of possible failure. We have the willingness to explore and go somewhere no one has ever gone before.” 

Personally, I find Simon Sinek and the work that he does very inspirational and relevant in my daily life as well as the work that I do and how we go about doing what we do as an Executive Search Firm. Truly understanding people and starting with “Why?” is key to a successful, collaborative and long-lasting connection.

Sinek also makes mention of helping the human race progress and grow as a community. I find this to be very apparent especially over the recent months as we find ourselves amidst the global pandemic that is COVID 19. In a podcast called ‘5 minutes on Why COVID-19 is an opportunity” Sinek speaks to his employees about reinventing themselves. How do they do what they are doing but in a completely different world? We are unable to preserve what we had, we need to adapt and bring our message across in a completely new and long-lasting way. It was at this point that we came to the realisation that being present, alive and active amongst our community is more important than ever before. We need to let people know, “we are still here, we are present, we are active and we are available to spend time with you, comfort you, share your hardships and keep you company on those days you may just need to see a friendly face, albeit virtually”. Business isn’t usual! How can we adapt and add value that is relevant in this scary and very different world we find ourselves in today?

To conclude

Although Titc.io strives to digitize most of what we do, we know that the human element is key within our industry. Without it there can be no understanding, no connection and no real relationship. With no real relationship, it is virtually impossible to connect for success.

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