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Navigating the dynamic world of event management demands not only creativity and flexibility but also a robust toolkit that enhances efficiency and effectiveness. For both novice and seasoned event planners, finding a comprehensive solution that simplifies the intricacies of event planning is crucial. This is precisely where titc.io shines, offering its Event Builder Tool, designed to transform your event planning into a seamless and enjoyable experience.

A Tool Designed for Every Event Planner

titc.io’s Free Event Builder Tool is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, making it the perfect companion for both corporate and private event planners. This tool helps to simplify complex tasks, allowing you to create, manage, and execute flawless events with ease. Whether you want to organise a high-stakes corporate conference or an intimate personal celebration, we have you covered.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Beyond logistical management, the Event Builder Tool is designed to spark your creativity. Helping you create memorable events effortlessly. Events are the modern way to grow your business. If your idea of an event or a conference contains white tablecloths, endearmints, vendor after vendor pitching to an uninterested audience and viewing events as simply a brand and marketing cost with no measurable ROI then you’re in for a shock! 

Transform Your Business Relationships and Sales Strategy with Unforgettable Events

Create Unforgettable Brand Experiences

  • Imagine hosting an event where every detail reflects your brand’s innovation and commitment to excellence leaving a lasting impression that turns every attendee into a brand advocate, ensuring your business is remembered and revered.

Harness the Power of FOMO

  • Envision creating buzz with a high-profile event that everyone in your industry talks about—before, during, and after. Amplify interest and attendance at future events, as prospects and clients won’t want to miss out on the exclusive experiences you offer.

Drive Direct Sales with Experiential Marketing

  • Visualize a launch where your latest product is the star of the show, experienced firsthand by an engaged audience. Convert enthusiasm into sales at a high-energy event that allows attendees to experience the value of your offerings in real-time.

Elevate Customer Loyalty with Exclusive Invitations

  • Imagine offering your most valued customers exclusive access to a premier event that celebrates their loyalty and your mutual success. Deepen customer relationships and loyalty, making your clients feel valued and appreciated in a way that fosters long-term engagement.

Getting Started Is Simple

Ready to take your event planning to the next level? Getting started with the Free Event Builder Tool is simple. Begin exploring all the features available at your fingertips. Join countless professionals who have streamlined their event planning processes with TITC.io.


What makes the Event Builder Tool free to use?

Our Tool is part of our commitment to empowering businesses with top-tier planning capabilities without the cost barrier. We believe in creating accessible solutions that help you grow and excel in your industry.

The tool allows you to create an engaging and memorable experience. The very first step in event planning. 

From intimate corporate meetings to large-scale public events, our tool is versatile enough to handle any type. It’s designed to support a wide range of formats, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed.

Our Concierge Service takes your event planning to the next level. Not just about planning, it’s about connecting—ensuring that every interaction at your event is strategic and impactful. This service is perfect for making lasting impressions and forging valuable relationships.

Yes, the Event Builder is designed to integrate seamlessly with all titc.io services, including our marketing, talent acquisition, and concierge services. This integration enhances your event’s impact by leveraging our comprehensive growth solutions.