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At titc.io, our mantra is 'Your Brand, Our Influence.' We don't just offer services; we deliver tangible benefits that directly impact your bottom line. Imagine having a strategic partner that amplifies your brand's reach to the right customers, secures partnerships that matter, attracts top-tier talent, and impresses investors — all under one roof. That's the titc.io advantage. We're your one-stop solution for accelerating growth and elevating your FinTech brand and that's why we call ourselves a Full-Service Growth Agency for Fintechs.

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We help your FinTech scale by...

Getting you more customers

We craft narratives that resonate, transforming your brand into a memorable leader. Stand out, inspire, and convert with a brand story that distinctly sets you apart.
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Hiring the best FinTech Talent

We transform FinTech talent acquisition.Leverage our unparalleled network to empower your team with leaders ready to grow your business and disrupt the market.
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Positioning you as the brand of choice

We put you in the same place as your prospects and clients with not a single competitor in sight transforming your sales process and ensuring your brand is at the forefront of buyers minds.
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Over a decade of working with FinTechs from across the Globe

At titc.io (formally TalentintheCloud), we’ve always been at the forefront of FinTech talent solutions in Africa. With years of experience and a laser focus on the FinTech sector, we’ve built an unparalleled network of industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers. Our deep expertise in talent acquisition and organizational design has made us the go-to partner for FinTech companies looking to scale and succeed.

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Hire Now, Pay Later

Unlock the potential of your business with our innovative Hire Now, Pay Later solution. Manage your recruitment costs effectively and access top talent without financial strain.

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Ranked as one of the best FinTech podcasts with a true focus on emerging markets!

Talking Success is ranked in the top 10 best FinTech podcasts. It’s a riveting podcast with a laser focus on FinTech wizardry. With a true focus on emerging markets, there’s no other podcast like it! We believe it’s the best FinTech podcast in Africa (and possibly the world!!)

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We take you on an exhilarating journey, engaging with titans of the industry – the visionaries who are CEOs, Founders, Investors, and Leaders shaping the FinTech landscape across frontier markets.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of the FinTech sector as we unravel its secrets, complexities, and innovations. This podcast is the beacon that enlightens, empowers, and unifies the global FinTech tribe. Whether you’re a FinTech enthusiast who breathes binary code or a curious newcomer eager to decrypt the FinTech lexicon, this podcast is your gateway to the future of finance!

So tune into the best FinTech podcast out there!

What we stand for

Our Vision

To empower FinTechs with targeted growth strategies and unparalleled talent solutions, anchored in trust and industry expertise; becoming the go-to Full-service Growth Agency for FinTechs.

Our Mission

To accelerate the growth of the fintech sector by leveraging our deep ecosystem expertise and key decision-maker networks. We embody innovation, prioritise people, and maintain a 'get it done' attitude, fostering a growth mindset in all that we do.

Our Advantage

Our unique proposition lies in our established network within the FinTech community. This enables us to offer immediate value to our clients, from targeted marketing and PR efforts to talent acquisition and management.

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