Diversity Matters

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Diversity Matters
Diversity Matters
titc diversity matters

Our Commitment to Gender Diversity in FinTech

At titc.io, we don't just talk about gender diversity; we actively integrate it into every service we offer. For us, Diversity Matters

Partnering with leaders

We understand that fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just a moral imperative but a business necessity. That's why we've partnered with esteemed organizations like the European Women Payments Network (EWPN) and African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP) to ensure that our clients meet and exceed their diversity objectives.

Why Diversity Matters To Us

We believe that diverse teams drive innovation and competitive advantage. Our commitment to gender diversity is deeply rooted in our mission to present our clients' businesses in the best possible light to customers, partners, talent, and investors.These criteria allow us to focus our expertise and resources on startups that are poised for rapid growth and can most benefit from our comprehensive suite of services. If you meet this criteria and keen learn more, book a call with us today!

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping our clients build diverse and inclusive teams. Our comprehensive approach ensures that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but are integrated into the fabric of your organization. Diversity Matters.

How We Integrate Diversity Into Our Services


We go beyond the traditional recruitment methods to ensure a diverse candidate pool. Our specialized training for in-house recruitment teams focuses on unbiased hiring practices.

Strategic Marketing

Our marketing strategies are designed to appeal to a diverse audience. We ensure that your brand messaging is inclusive and resonates with people from all walks of life, thereby helping you attract a diverse customer base.

Events & PR

From the speakers we engage to the audiences we target, our events and PR services are curated to reflect diversity. We collaborate with diverse thought leaders in the FinTech sector to ensure that multiple perspectives are represented.

Our Partnerships

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European Women Payments Network (EWPN)

We collaborate with EWPN to offer workshops and training programs aimed at fostering gender diversity within the FinTech industry

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African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP)

Our partnership with AWFP allows us to tap into a network of talented women in Africa, ensuring that our clients have access to a diverse talent pool.