Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Tech—A New Dawn for African FinTech

FinTech Marketing in Africa:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Tech—A New Dawn for African FinTech

Johannesburg, 2nd October 2023 —, the evolved identity of TalentintheCloud, is set to disrupt the African FinTech landscape with a groundbreaking rebrand and an expanded portfolio of services. But this is no ordinary rebrand; it’s a strategic move with the design of bridging the gap between talent and tech in Africa’s burgeoning FinTech sector.

Why This Matters

In a realm where tech often steals the spotlight, is rewriting the narrative. This rebrand isn’t just a headline; it’s a statement addressing the undervalued facet of talent in tech, placing it at the heart of its offerings while branching out into the territories of strategic marketing and event orchestrations. This fusion of services, housed under one roof, is an uncharted venture in the African FinTech landscape, establishing as a trailblazer in harmonizing technology with the indispensable human element.

Founder and CEO Darren Franks states “Today signifies the culmination of an era. Nearly a decade ago, TalentintheCloud embarked on a mission defined by a sole purpose – to assist FinTechs across the African continent in attracting and retaining crucial talent. The journey fostered a lingering aspiration within me, a desire to extend our collaborative horizons with FinTechs beyond just talent acquisition, empowering them to scale, thrive, and attain remarkable milestones.” As the business dives into its biggest change yet, this shift might not hit home for everyone; but for the team behind, its shareholders, and their clients, it’s a bold step into an exciting future for their business. Their solid dedication and the deep relationships that they’ve built in the sector have allowed them to create a truly unique offering.

Trailblazing Personal Branding and Creating News-Worthy FinTech Discourses in Africa

In an era driven by digital personas, emerges as the vanguard of Personal Branding as a Service, marking a premiere in the African FinTech landscape. This innovative approach transcends the conventional bounds of growth marketing. It’s about engendering a nexus of trust and credibility amidst the digital epoch, a crucial currency for every professional and organization.

At, events are not merely orchestrated; they are meticulously crafted to morph into news-worthy spectacles. The agenda extends beyond hosting gatherings; it’s about curating riveting narratives through exclusive roundtables and industry-shaping conferences that not only attract but demand the spotlight from editorial desks.

At the heart of lies a foundational pillar—Talent Services. Yet, it’s the renewed emphasis on diversity and specialized training that is poised to set the industry abuzz. is not merely about filling vacancies; it’s about fostering a diverse, skilled workforce capable of navigating the complex terrains of FinTech, thereby earmarking as a topic of fervent discussion in industry circles. embodies a trifecta of revolutionary services, each poised to not only garner attention but to redefine the narrative of FinTech in Africa. It’s more than a service; it’s a movement towards engendering a robust, credible, and diverse FinTech ecosystem across the continent.

The Podcast That Tells It All publishes a weekly podcast “Talking Success“. The show offers exclusive interviews with industry leaders, making it a go-to source for journalists seeking expert opinions on financial inclusion, open banking, and more.

The Bottom Line

With the strapline ‘Your Brand, Our Influence,’ is more than a service provider; they are setting their goals on becoming a newsmaker in the FinTech industry. They are not just navigating the FinTech landscape; they intend to make headlines in it.

About stands at the precipice of redefining the African FinTech narrative. With a holistic suite of services encompassing strategic growth marketing, meticulously curated events, and transformative talent services, embodies the quintessential partner for every FinTech endeavour across the African expanse. It’s not merely a service provider; it’s a compelling story unfolding in real time, a story teeming with innovation, partnership, and growth, precisely the kind of narrative that editors will find irresistible to delve into and disseminate. Each stride taken by is a headline waiting to be penned, a narrative that resonates with the rhythm of progress and the melody of innovation in the FinTech sector.

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