How to Expertly Moderate a Fintech Panel

Expert Tips for Preparing and Moderating a Fintech Panel Discussion

Welcome to “How to Expertly Moderate a Fintech Panel” I’m Darren Franks, and over the past decade, I’ve had the distinct privilege and challenge of moderating panels at some of the leading FinTech events globally. This guide is a culmination of those experiences, designed to help you navigate the rewarding, yet often daunting, world of […]

The Impact of Glassdoor Reviews on Africa’s FinTech Giants

The Impact of Glassdoor Reviews on Africa's FinTech Giants

Navigating the Digital Reputation Landscape The African continent has emerged as a burgeoning hub of innovation and growth. Amidst this landscape, the reputation of a company has become an invaluable asset, often shaped by the voices of its most crucial stakeholders – its employees. Glassdoor, a platform synonymous with candid employee feedback, has become a […]

What to do when you’re fired. A Guide to Turning Setbacks into Success

What to do when you're fired

Getting fired is often seen as a career-ending catastrophe, a stigma that can haunt you for years. But let’s face it, it’s just one of those things that can happen to the best of us. Even the most successful individuals have faced this challenge. Take Dawie Roodt, for instance, a renowned economist who admitted to […]

The Dark Side of Working in African FinTech

The Dark Side of Working in African FinTech

Is there a dark side to working in African FinTech? The FinTech industry is a dynamic and fast-paced environment that offers numerous opportunities for innovation and growth. However, this high-stress atmosphere can take a toll on employees, leading to burnout, decreased productivity, and even mental health issues. As a result, employee well-being is not just […]

Navigating the Impact of Retrenchments

Navigating the Impact of Retrenchments in the Fintech Industry: Strategies for Employee Support and Recovery. Retrenchments are becoming all too common in the Fintech industry, with major companies such as Microsoft, Bolt, Twitter and Luno recently announcing mass cuts. The bottom line is there is an impact! Understanding the impact that retrenchments can have on […]

Create a perfect CV

Creating a perfect CV can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you can make yours stand out from the rest. Here are our top tips to help you secure that all-important interview for your next big role. Structure, Clarity, and Readability Are Essential: Recruiters typically begin by scanning the CVs they have […]

A Strong Headed Leader in Recruitment

A Strong Headed Leader in Recruitment

The ability to hire and develop great talent is critical for today’s smartest companies. In staffing and recruiting industry, companies help various organizations find staff and groom them for the required job. A great staffing & recruiting service helps set you up for success. Danielle Lawrence is the Chief Operations Officer at – the leading Executive Search […]

How to Execute Your Business Plan

Ready, Set, Go: How to Execute Your Business Plan

What’s my next step? While it may seem as if getting investors to fund your FinTech start-up is the hardest part of the process, executing your business plan successfully is a much more daunting task. The vast majority of FinTech start-ups fail after securing funds, and although some of this may be put down to […]

Looking to change industry? Here are 5 simple tips


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you were little you had big dreams of becoming a firefighter, lawyer or some sort of superhero. You still dream big, but those dreams have changed. Now, you aspire to create groundbreaking media campaigns for an agency, become the MD of a FinTech, or run the Tech department like no other. The thing is […]