CEO of Cellulant on FinTech, Funding and Seed Investment

Akshay Grover on FinTech, Funding and Seed Investment

Stacy recently sat down for a chat with Akshay Grover, Group CEO of Cellulant on FinTech Funding and Seed Investment and his journey in the FinTech sector and how his experience in Africa has shaped his leadership.

Akshay first set foot in Africa in 2007. Over the years, he was able to gather more experiences in Africa. Eventually, he met a first-generation entrepreneur who wanted to set up the largest business process outsourcing and IT business in Africa. Despite the challenges, Akshay joined the company, Ison, in 2014 to help build the business, which grew from 100 people to almost 30,000 by the time he left in 2020.

Akshay’s combination of working in a process-driven organization like EY and being thrown into an entrepreneurial environment taught him a lot about how to do business in different African countries. This foundation eventually led him to his current role at Cellulant.

As the CEO, Akshay brings certainty and stability to the organization, something that is essential for a growing company. He also has a global perspective, having worked in front-leading emerging markets such as India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. This helps him understand how these markets have evolved over time and how the lessons learned can be applied to Africa.

In conclusion, Akshay believes that having a worldview and a global perspective is crucial in the fast-growing FinTech sector, as it helps in understanding the evolution of markets and what is applicable in a specific context, such as Africa. is a leader in Global FinTech Recruitment – We connect companies and executives, enabling businesses to achieve key business objectives. 

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