Decoding Financial Crime: The Anti-Conference on FinCrime


The Anti-Conference on Financial Crime: Spearheads a Radical Gathering with RelyComply and Others, to Showcase an Extraordinary Event Taking Place in Cape Town Later This Year.

Shattering the Conference Mould: ‘Decoding Financial Crime‘ Sets the Stage for Revolutionary Collaboration

Decoding Financial Crime event

In an industry first, curates an unparalleled gathering that’s everything a conference isn’t. “Decoding Financial Crime“, backed by RelyComply and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, is the definitive anti-conference conference – stripping away the frills to forge a raw, unadulterated nexus for action against financial crime. This is where thought leaders, enforcers, legislators, and regulators converge with a singular vision: to dismantle the underpinnings of financial crime.

Ditch the mints and the mundane. “Decoding Financial Crime” is where novelty meets necessity, minus the white tablecloths and empty niceties. Scheduled to disrupt the norm on the 29th and 30th of August 2024 at the Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town, orchestrates an encounter exclusively reserved for just 200 handpicked visionaries who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

The Anti-Conference Experience

This is not your standard exchange of pleasantries and passive listening. Expect dynamic engagements, intense brainstorms, and raw, hard-hitting insights. Sessions will be centred on understanding the psychology of financial crime, its expansive reach, and the collective measures necessary to halt its grasp. We’ve crafted a platform for candid discussions with:

  • An audience with a convicted money launderer – An interactive session that ditches the script and welcomes the unexpected.
  • Inside the mind of a FinCrime detective – a former detective unveils how he spent his career tracking and prosecuting financial criminals.
  • Closed roundtables with regulators and law enforcement, cutting through red tape to unearth real-world solutions.
  • Live Hacking Demonstration – prepare to have your mind blown by what’s possible. Live on stage.
  • How to craft money laundering and fraud scams (yes, you read that correctly).

Shaping the Anti-Fincrime Agenda

This summit’s exclusive and cutting-edge programme is designed to catalyse true change. Without the usual conference distractions, our attendees will engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas and strategies, all aligned towards a collective crackdown on fincrime.

Beyond the Event

This summit is merely the inception of a continuous anti-financial crime saga that is dedicated to narrating across Africa. Our mission is to keep the conversation alive, growing, and leading to substantial, tangible outcomes.

Join the Frontline

In collaboration with our Headline sponsor, RelyComply, we are not just inviting participants – we are enlisting allies in the fight against fincrime.

Inquire Within for Access

Invitations are as exclusive as the event itself, reserved for the true changemakers of the financial sector. To inquire about joining this pivotal summit, direct your communications to Danielle Lawrence at [email protected] or visit

About is the architect of transformation within the FinTech sector, forging spaces where “Your Brand, Our Influence” translates into ground-breaking industry progress.

About RelyComply: Headline sponsor RelyComply stands as an Enterprise end-to-end AML compliance solutions platform, leveraging AI to balance automation and human interaction to reduce false positives and total cost of ownership, proving that the fight against financial crime begins with superior strategy and technology.

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