Embedded Talent: The Scalable and Cost-Effective Alternative to an RPO

Embedded Talent

Are you tired of the inefficiencies of your current recruitment process? Do you need a solution that can scale with your growing business? Introducing Embedded Talent – the perfect alternative to an RPO.

Embedded Talent offers a complete talent team that can help you hire faster, implement talent strategies, and provide expert consultation. Our team is made up of dedicated onsite/virtual consultants who are available for daily/weekly meetings with your hiring managers. Plus, you’ll have full access to our internal delivery team and fixed monthly costs, making it easy to budget for your talent needs.

Maximizing Your Capacity and Scalability

Do you feel like your business is growing faster than your recruitment process can keep up with? Our Embedded Talent solution is here to help. With our workflow, you can work on up to 30 roles at a time, with an average shortlist delivery time of just 7 days. And, if you need to tackle a larger project, multiple teams can be assigned to support you.

Lowering Your Recruitment Costs

Embedded Talent can be a cost-effective alternative to building an internal talent team or used as a hybrid solution. In many cases, the cost is similar to having one internal talent specialist, but with Embedded Talent, you get a dedicated consultant backed by the titc.io team, our exclusive FinTech network, search tools, and technologies. This means you’ll get all the benefits of an internal team at a fraction of the cost.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Culture

At titc, we understand how important it is to find the right fit for your business. With our Embedded Talent solution, we’ll combine our expertise with your company culture to provide a dedicated consultant who is fully immersed in your business. This way, they’ll understand exactly what it takes to find the right candidates who fit your culture.

Affordable Fee Structure

Our Embedded Talent engagement is conducted as a monthly service agreement with a placement fee per hire. This cost-effective method is much less expensive than per-hire fees charged by specialist firms, making it the perfect solution for outsourcing all recruitment needs.

Get In Touch

Our Embedded Talent service provides peace of mind that your recruitment campaign is in the hands of an expert team with extensive experience in the FinTech sector. With our innovative tools and techniques, titc is revolutionizing the way FinTechs hire leadership talent.

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