How FinTech Outgrew its Cool Image and Became an Industry Force

How FinTech Outgrew its Cool Image and Became an Industry Force with Ron Shevlin

In this latest podcast, “How FinTech Outgrew its Cool Image and Became an Industry Force”, Darren Franks chats with Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors and a Senior Contributor at Forbes where he publishes the FinTech Snark Tank

Welcome back to Talking Success, one of the Best FinTech podcasts globally! Ron Shevlin has a rich background predating the emergence of FinTech as a distinct industry. In this episode, they embark on a journey to explore the evolutionary path of FinTech, particularly focusing on its inception and growth within the United States.

Perspectives on FinTech Industry

Ron challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding FinTech as a standalone industry, advocating for its integration within the broader financial services sector. He elucidates the shifting dynamics of consumer demand for financial services across different generations and underscores the transformative role of technology in addressing evolving consumer needs.

He also offers illuminating perspectives on the historical trajectory of FinTech. He discusses how FinTechs emerged to address gaps left by traditional banks and financial institutions, leveraging technology to deliver innovative solutions and fill crucial service voids. 

Exploring the Shift Towards Cryptocurrency and Cross-Border Payments

The pair also explore the burgeoning realm of cryptocurrency and its role in facilitating cross-border payments, with Darren highlighting the growing trend of utilizing cryptocurrencies as a means of facilitating international transactions. As traditional methods continue to face challenges in meeting the evolving needs of global transactions, the adoption of crypto rails emerges as a compelling alternative. The discussion sheds light on the practical utility of cryptocurrencies in facilitating seamless and cost-effective cross-border transactions, presenting a compelling case for their widespread adoption. Amidst debates surrounding regulatory concerns and consumer scepticism, the conversation offers valuable insights into the shifting dynamics of international payments and the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Consumer Perception and Regulatory Considerations

Darren probes into the general sentiment towards crypto adoption in the United States, prompting Ron to share insights on consumer attitudes and regulatory dynamics. While acknowledging the potential of cryptocurrencies for B2B transactions, Ron emphasizes the need for regulatory clarity and highlights ongoing discussions surrounding central bank digital currencies.

Debating Disruption vs. Evolution in FinTech

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Darren and Ron engage in a debate over the nature of disruption in the FinTech industry. Ron offers a nuanced perspective, distinguishing between structural change and incremental innovation, challenging common perceptions of disruption within the financial services landscape.

Exploring Global Perspectives

Drawing insights from diverse regions, Darren and Ron analyze the implications of FinTech innovations for emerging markets, highlighting parallels with Latin America and Africa. They underscore the need for contextualized approaches to financial inclusion and technological adoption, acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each region.

Looking Beyond Buzzwords

Ron further dispels misconceptions surrounding disruption, urging listeners to scrutinize claims of industry upheaval and examine tangible evidence of structural change. He emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between technological advancements and true disruptions that fundamentally reshape industry dynamics.

In conclusion, our podcast episode featuring Darren and Ron offers a nuanced exploration of the FinTech landscape, unravelling complex themes and challenging conventional wisdom. By delving into topics ranging from cross-border payments to regulatory dynamics, the conversation equips listeners with a deeper understanding of the forces driving FinTech evolution. Tune in to gain actionable insights and stay informed about the latest developments shaping the future of finance..

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