The FinTech Rap

Darren Franks

I was challenged by Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Founder of the European Women in Payments Network  and the African Women in FinTech and Payments Network to record a FinTech Rap (The FinTech Rap) after none other than Chris Skinner took to the Mic for his first-ever live rap (you can watch that here).

I’ll let you be the judge but I think it’s fair to say that I’ll stick to my day job!

In case you can’t bear to hear me rap, here are the lyrics!

Martha Fisher nominated me to do this rap

I won’t be offended if you think this is crap

Jumping on the bandwagon some may say

But what they hell, Covid’s here to stay

Africa’s my home and fintech is my passion

Finding great talent like it’s going out of fashion

I value my time and value my team

It’s not about size, rather keeping it lean

My wife would agree, she says that a lot

Who am I to argue, she’s the boss

Aside from my wife I have lots of women

Who I strive to support and get them winning

Too many men on FinTech ExCo’s

We need more diversity and not ego’s

If you want VC’s and PE’s to invest

Building a great team is what we do best

Serious Investors don’t buy into apps or PPT’s

They focus on leaders who increase balance sheets

Rapping clearing isn’t my forte 

But give me a mandate and we’ll blow you away

I’m done with my rap, you’ll probably be pleased

Perhaps next time I can rap in Chinese.

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