From Wickets to Wallets: Exploring Innovation with Paul Harris

In this podcast episode, “From Wickets to Wallets”, Darren Franks speaks with Paul Harris, Country Manager South Africa at Flutterwave. He talks about the company’s relaunch and plans to focus on serving the underserved SME market in Africa.

Digital Wallets: Redefining Convenience and Security

This episode highlights the rise of digital wallets in Africa and how digital wallets are enhancing convenience and security in payment transactions. As well as some of the adoption challenges and opportunities for digital wallet providers.

Some of the highlights in this episode is:

  • ? Flutterwave is relaunching, and the company is focusing on serving the underserved SME market in Africa
  • ? Moving money around Africa is a challenge due to expensive cross-border transactions 
  • ? Flutterwave plans to service domestic and international merchants, but with a focus on the local market for now
  • ? In the works: Flutterwave’s popular send product, which helps move money out of Nigeria, will eventually be launched in SA

Harris also emphasizes the importance of providing businesses and consumers with a wide range of payment options and the potential for the digitization of e-commerce in Africa

Africa’s payment landscape is witnessing an exciting transformation driven by digital wallets, mobile money, regulatory frameworks, and financial inclusion initiatives. This podcast episode takes you on a journey through the evolving world of African payments, shedding light on the innovative solutions, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead. Join us as we unravel Africa’s payment potential and discover how it is poised to reshape the financial landscape of the continent.

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