How to explore and elevate your Brand Identity

Ask questions

Over the past month, we’ve been taking a closer look at and asking a few questions about our brand identity. What is it exactly? What are we trying to communicate and how do we represent that stylistically? It’s quite easy to take these questions for granted. They can seem superfluous when you’re flat-out developing business and delivering on what’s important and directly related to revenue. Who’s got the time and, frankly, who cares when you’re thriving? But it is important. Especially when business is good and growth is a consideration. In fact, it’s key. If you want to build a memorable digital presence that represents who and what your company is, consistently and efficiently, you need to ask, answer and act on these questions.

Develop the answers

At the beginning of last month, we were joined by a precocious intern with graphic design skills and a head for marketing and communication. We took the opportunity to put some time and effort into developing and elevating our brand identity, starting with a style guide. We wanted to decide on and communicate design standards to our group, as well as enrich our digital presence in the community.

Develop your brand’s style guide – which includes:

  • Mission Statement – your business characteristics that will guide your brand’s style.
  • Colours – the palette used throughout.
  • Typeface – the font family the best represents your brand.
  • Typography – the way in which your font is used to create the desired impact.
  • Logo – usage, clearing space, variations.
  • Iconography – isolating the icon in your logo for more creative possibilities.
  • Applied Examples – example layout designs with correct placement and usage of elements.

This will govern the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of your company’s branding. It will dictate the content of all your communication assets, from internal documents to social posts. It will help your team stay on the same page and present a unified vision of your brand to the public.

Sneak peek at the iconography development from our style guide

What’s next?

Our next step is to explore more graphic motifs drawn from our logo so that we can enhance our digital communication. Alongside that, we’ll be updating old content to fit the new aesthetic and building fresh templates for all of our marketing collateral.

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