How to Fund Your FinTech Loan Book with Nelson Chu


In this latest podcast, “How to Fund Your FinTech Loan Book with Nelson Chu”, Darren Franks chats with Nelson Chu, Founder and CEO at Percent.

Welcome back to Talking Success, one of the Best FinTech podcasts globally! Nelson provides valuable insights into the role of private credit in emerging markets and its potential to drive FinTech innovation and economic development. As technology continues to reshape the financial landscape, private credit investment offers new opportunities for businesses and investors to unlock growth and prosperity in emerging markets.

Origins and Evolution of Private Credit

Nelson shares insights into the origins of private credit and its evolution over time. He highlights how the financial crisis of the late 2000s led to the rise of non-bank lenders filling the gap left by traditional banks. As Nelson explained, private credit offers an alternative to traditional bank lending, financing consumers and businesses that may not have access to traditional banking services.

The Role of Emerging Markets in Private Credit

The conversation shifts towards the role of emerging markets, particularly Africa and Latin America, in the private credit landscape. These regions present significant opportunities driven by rapid technological advancements and mobile-first economies. Mobile technology has transformed financial services in emerging markets and is creating new avenues for lending and investment.

Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

While acknowledging the vast potential of emerging markets, Nelson also discussed the challenges inherent in expanding private credit investment in these regions. He emphasized the importance of structuring deals effectively to mitigate risks and ensure investor protection. Additionally, he highlighted the need for robust due diligence processes to assess potential partners and opportunities in emerging markets.

Empowering Fintech Innovation with Private Credit

Private credit investment can empower FinTech innovation, particularly in the payments sector. Nelson discussed how FinTech companies can leverage private credit to expand their offerings and reach underserved markets. By providing financing for new products and services, private credit investment can fuel fintech growth and drive financial inclusion in emerging markets

Facilitating Access to Capital for Businesses

The conversation concluded with a focus on how private credit investment platforms like Nelson’s can facilitate access to capital for businesses in emerging markets. He outlined the process of onboarding new partners and highlighted the importance of due diligence in assessing potential investment opportunities. He emphasized the role of structured financing in enabling businesses to scale and expand their operations.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Growth

Nelson expressed optimism about the future of private credit investment in emerging markets. There is a growing interest from investors and businesses in these regions and he emphasized the potential for sustainable growth and development. By leveraging private credit investment, businesses in emerging markets can access the capital they need to thrive and contribute to economic growth.

Technology as a Catalyst for Efficiency

Central to Chu’s discussion is the role of technology in driving efficiencies within the private credit ecosystem. He highlights how their platform’s tech-driven approach has revolutionized the way borrowers and investors engage with the lending process. With features like order book management, compliance attestation, and portfolio monitoring, Chu’s platform aims to minimize the effort required by all parties involved, from deal structuring to post-closing activities.

Navigating Risk in Emerging Markets

Despite the strides made in standardization and technology, Chu acknowledges the inherent risks associated with private credit lending, particularly in emerging markets. Factors such as geopolitical instability and regulatory changes pose significant challenges, requiring lenders to adopt robust risk mitigation strategies.

Chu outlines measures taken to protect investors, including stringent due diligence processes and maintaining higher cash balances for companies operating in volatile markets. While legal recourse provides some level of protection, Chu emphasizes the importance of mitigating unknown risks and remaining vigilant in monitoring market dynamics.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Partnerships

As the private credit landscape continues to evolve, Chu invites potential partners and stakeholders to explore opportunities within his platform. Whether as a fintech lender seeking financing or an investor looking to diversify their portfolio, Chu’s platform offers a range of opportunities tailored to meet diverse needs.

In conclusion, Chu’s insights underscore the transformative power of standardization and technology in reshaping the private credit industry. By embracing innovation and fostering transparency, platforms like Chu’s are paving the way for a more accessible and efficient lending ecosystem, unlocking opportunities for borrowers and investors alike.

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