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The Role of Digital Currency in the Global Economy

The Speakers

Darren Franks – Founder & CEO,
Mohammed Ibrahim Jega – Co-Founder, Domineum.
Mobolaji Onibudo – Founder & CEO, Digital Transactions Services.
Shadrick Kubyane – Co-Founder, Coronet Blockchain.
Ashley Mungai – Head of Intercorporate Governance/Public Relations, Global Policy House.

Below is the full video of the webinar, as well as key questions and insights.

Key Questions

With some success and positivity coming from a few FinTech companies around the adoption of new tech in Africa during this pandemic, what lessons can we learn with regard to technological advancement?

What should companies be focusing on with regard to innovation? Are Payments and Blockchain the fundamental areas?

How does the adoption of innovative technologies, like blockchain and digital currency, impact women? How can we get more women involved in the industry?

Key Insights

African tech’s underestimated ability to drive change and innovation across the FinTech board.

The rise in trust of e-commerce and online payments, and the robust nature of these technologies in Africa.

The importance of formal and public acknowledgement from regulatory entities of technological innovation’s use cases.

COVID has revealed the cracks and the structural insecurities of our economy and businesses. It has given us an opportunity to analyse and fortify those weaknesses and mechanise the emerging technologies to move forward with strength.

Being emotionally detached will be vital when looking at where our time and energy should be spent innovating.

Risk assessment of cash/fiat transactions. It’s a no brainer to move to a cashless economy. Blockchain has a huge role in making this more efficient and less inflationary and corrupt.

The pandemic has put the inequality under the spotlight. A lot of the caring responsibilities, be it healthcare on in a family context, have been pushed onto women.

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