The Death of Traditional POS: Ikhokha Reveals What’s Next

Ikhokha Reveals What’s Next

In this latest episode, “The Death of Traditional POS: Ikhokha Reveals What’s Next”, Darren Franks delves into the world of FinTech with Matt Putman and Graham Cumming from iKhokha.iKhokha is a prominent FinTech company headquartered in South Africa.

The conversation explores the need for different hardware solutions based on merchant categories and the challenges posed by load shedding in South Africa.

Evolution of Point-of-Sale (PoS) Devices:

There is a continued demand for contactless payments. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital payment methods and the need for the dynamic evolution of PoS technology. 

iKhokha’s Range of Solutions for SMEs:

With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), iKhokha provides a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions. These purpose-built solutions are intended to optimize business operations and stimulate growth, which is much needed in this economy.

Barriers to Adoption and Tap-on-Phone Technology:
  • There are common barriers like the necessity of a bank account and initial financial commitments when it comes to adopting digital payment solutions. Thus, iKhokha’s exploration of tap-on-phone technology is a game-changer in this context.
iKhokha’s Competitive Edge and Growth:
  • Despite the market competition, iKhokha is achieving remarkable growth. In this episode, both guests delve into the strategies that have enabled them to thrive in the competitive FinTech landscape

Becoming a Platform for SMEs:

IKhokha doesn’t limit its vision to mere payment solutions; instead, it strives to evolve into a comprehensive platform for SMEs. Its primary focus revolves around delivering value-added services that empower and bolster small and medium-sized businesses.

This insightful episode of the “Talking Success” podcast provides a deep dive into iKhokha’s journey, its contributions to the fintech industry, and its ambitions to facilitate the growth of SMEs in South Africa and beyond.

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