Accelerate Your FinTech Career with Tracy Birdsall

Accelerate Your FinTech Career With Tracy Birdsall

In this podcast episode, “Accelerate Your FinTech Career With Tracy Birdsall”, we sit down with the VP of EMEA Business Development at Worldpay.

Impressive Fintech Trajectory

Tracy Birdsall’s illustrious fintech career spans renowned enterprises, culminating in her current impactful position. Her experience across these industry giants enriches her insights into the fintech evolution

Inclusion and Diversity

Why this is still a priority and how inclusion spurs on diversity. Tracy Birdsall has an extensive background in FinTech, working for companies like IBM and Visa before joining Worldpay. As a woman in FinTech, she has had to face some challenges. Tracy emphasizes the need for diversity and inclusion in the fintech industry.

The Metaverse a Growing Trend

With applications like augmented reality and virtual reality being incorporated into commerce and consumer experiences. Worldpay is involved in the cryptocurrency space and settles in stablecoins, while also exploring opportunities in CBDCs. Tracy believes that the future of payments will include cryptocurrency acceptance and settlement.

Cryptocurrencies and Worldpay’s Involvement

Worldpay’s foray into the cryptocurrency realm underlines its relevance in the ever-changing financial landscape. Their active participation in settling transactions with stable coins and exploring CBDCs illustrates its commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Cryptocurrency’s Inevitable Evolution in Payments

Tracy predicts a future where cryptocurrency acceptance and settlement in payments become the norm. However, she acknowledges that this landscape’s development will closely mirror regulatory shifts and market acceptance.

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