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In this captivating podcast episode “Banking the Future with Visionary Coen Jonker – A Journey of Innovation, Inclusion, and Transformation”, Darren Franks engages in an illuminating conversation with Coen Jonker, the visionary Co-Founder & CEO of TymeBank. The episode unveils the remarkable journey of TymeBank, a digital banking group that is revolutionizing access to finance in both South Africa and the Philippines. With an impressive customer base of over seven and a half million in South Africa and rapid expansion plans in the Philippines, TymeBank is at the forefront of democratizing financial services.

A Vision Born of Necessity

At the heart of TymeBank lies the mission to empower and include. The founder, Coen Jonker, is a former human rights lawyer. It helped him to identify the glaring gap in financial inclusion in South Africa. This realization ignited the creation of TymeBank.

Innovative Customer Acquisition

TymeBank’s approach to customer acquisition is a masterclass in balance. Combining the convenience of digital channels with the personal touch of in-person kiosks, they have succeeded in demystifying banking.

A Holistic Banking Model

TymeBank’s model encompasses transaction banking, savings, and innovative loyalty programs. Emphasizing providing capital access for individuals and small businesses, serving as a catalyst for economic growth.

Pioneering Property Transactions through Technology

Beyond traditional banking services, TymeBank has its sights set on reshaping property transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology and other digital innovations, they aim to streamline, expedite, and secure the property transaction process.

A Global Perspective

The podcast delves into TymeBank’s ambitions beyond its current footprint. Having secured funding for its South African operations, the bank is now on the cusp of expanding into the Philippines. From here on, they will explore the possibility of entering markets like Vietnam and Latin America.

? Disruption on the Horizon

TymeBank’s ascent comes at a pivotal moment for the banking industry. Traditional banks in South Africa face a significant cost disparity compared to nimble digital institutions like TymeBank. The established banks may need to pivot dramatically to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Tech Challenges and Trust Building

Legacy technology systems pose a challenge for larger, traditional banks. The agility and cost-efficiency of digital banks can be difficult to match, but TymeBank recognizes that trust is equally paramount. Through rigorous compliance, risk management, and an unyielding commitment to exceptional customer service, they’re building a foundation of trust.

The Banking Landscape of Tomorrow

As TymeBank and its counterparts continue to make waves, the future of banking in South Africa envisions a harmonious coexistence between digital innovation and traditional banking. The allure of brick-and-mortar branches for some customers remains, while others embrace the cost-effective and convenient nature of digital banking.

An Ever-Evolving Journey

TymeBank’s trajectory is fueled by its unwavering dedication to improvement, trust-building, and superior customer experiences. Equipped with AI-driven recommendation engines, they are poised to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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