Benefits Of Automated Recruiting

Benefits Of Automated Recruiting

The benefits of automated recruiting – There are still (and always will be) some people who are scared of technology and robots, perhaps concerned about being replaced. But, despite the fact that robots may well take over some of the more repetitive jobs, most experts argue that this technology will create more jobs than it eliminates.

Robotic technologies have become more and more prevalent across all industries over the past decade, notably manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare where AI and machine learning have become indispensable.

From a recruiting perspective, automation has the potential to empower recruiters and provide them with the tools to overhaul the recruitment process. It can also, without a doubt, improve the experience for those looking for work.

There are numerous ways in which automation can improve recruiting, some of which are outlined below.

Time savings

Arguably the main benefit of automated software is the time that it saves recruiters who still use traditional approaches. It is reported that the average recruiter without automated systems spends over half of their day searching for new candidates. Automation of the initial sourcing and screening processes can save an estimated three to five hours a day. This is valuable time that can be spent interacting with candidates, interviewing applicants and carrying out other tasks that only humans can do.

Knowledge retention

Automated recruiting software uses machine learning to identify, understand, and even hone your best practices. This means that even if your best-performing recruiter were to leave, their knowledge and tactics are retained and stored in the software, reducing the impact of their departure. This retention of knowledge significantly increases the effectiveness of your entire team and allows you to maintain a cache of extremely valuable data.

Enhanced candidate experience

Automated recruiting software can help recruiters to provide a far better candidate experience. It can enable one-click applications and automatically notify applicants when there is a status change in the recruiting process. Additionally, it can help reduce the time between initial application and hiring, again something that improves the overall experience for the candidate.

Improved processes, better candidates, and cost saving

Recruiting technology is able to find the best candidates using predictive analytics to understand candidates and predict their success in a role. In fact, when it comes to finding candidates that stay in post for longer, it has been suggested that algorithms may be able to make better hiring decisions than humans.
Whatever the truth, higher retention rates are integral to the growth and prosperity of an organisation. And, with the cost of replacing just one employee estimated at between six and nine months’ salary, smarter recruitment that leads to better retention can result in significant financial benefits over the longer term.

Greater diversity

Using automated recruiting software can help to combat both conscious and subconscious human bias and lead to greater diversity in the workforce. This is because it relies purely on data and does not take into account first impressions, ethnicity, or educational establishments. It also helps to stop managers from hiring people who are very similar to themselves. Diversity has been shown to improve productivity.

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