Your LinkedIn profile is more important than your CV!

Your LinkedIn profile is more important than your CV!

During the course of your career, how many people are likely to see your CV? Compare that with your LinkedIn profile and the metrics speak for themselves. It’s not unusual for a LinkedIn profile to get upwards of 1,000 views IN A DAY !

Below is a 30 minute recording, taken at the CardPay London Talent Diversity week where our CEO, Darren Franks ran a live workshop on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to gain the most from the platform and also gave some key advice to anyone who wants to use LinkedIn to expand their personal brand.

In this 30 minute video, Darren covers the following:

  • Key tips for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to build your connections using personas
  • How to connect to cold contacts
  • How to search using Boolean search strings
  • How to use LinkedIn and Trello to manage your network

Have a watch of the video here:

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