How Digital Interviews can help with hiring

How Digital Interviews can help with hiring

The hiring process can be daunting, time-consuming, and costly; and throwing a pandemic into the mix doesn’t make it any easier. Posting a job ad and crossing your fingers hoping the perfect person will fall from the heavens is wishful thinking. is here to be that extra layer of support, find you just the right fit and to walk you through the next steps. 

You’ve been handed the CV of a great candidate. They have the skillset, past experience and speak 4 different languages just like you dreamed of. Since social distancing you’ve thought about online interviews through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts, but you’re not sure where to start. is one of the first firms to go digital, meaning we conduct digital interviews and present shortlists in a digital format. 

How our Digital Interviews work 

After we have screened our top candidates over the phone, we proceed with an online interview that is recorded and sent along with the CV in our digital shortlist. This is sent as a link and is password protected and GDPR compliant. We collaborate with our clients to build the must-ask questions that usually eliminate a large portion of the candidates just like a first round of interviews would. 

The perks of using Digital Interviews

Having a recording of an interview sent your way means that you can watch it from anywhere and at any time. There have been multiple occasions where hiring managers are bombarded with their everyday work and are constantly putting out fires while helping their team set up remotely during the coronavirus and can’t find the time to hold interviews. The digital interview link allows you to watch the interview after hours or when you have a free minute, which ultimately just fits in when you need it to. 

If there happens to be a decision maker who was unable to make the interview process, you can send them the link and password to get their feedback. In addition, if you want to refer back to an answer a candidate gave, you’re capable of doing that as well. 

A time saver 

This has also proven to reduce time to hire by up to 70%. Our recordings are usually around 15-30minutes max where the first round of an in person interview is on average 1 hour long. When watching the video you have the choice to only watch as long as you need to make a decision. There have been numerous times where interviewers know within the first 5minutes that this is not the right fit, but out of courtesy proceeds with the interview. Besides the length of the interview, the number of candidates you bring to an in-person interview or in this case online interview is cut by more than half. Most of our clients can identify the top two candidates from the pool of 5 or more that have been presented. 

Showcase of candidates soft skills and culture fit

The reason you are confident to only bring in two candidates is besides their resume, you have seen their soft skills and whether they would fit in well with your team. Maybe this role requires a creative thinker – it is difficult to tell from a CV, but the way a candidate answers a question is very telling. Remember, we have assigned questions that were built to bring out personality, the strength of knowledge, and anything that you find as an important attribute in a person who will be successful in this job.

The proven helpfulness of Digital Interviews

Time and time again we’ve seen the ease digital interviews have brought to our clients’ hiring process. We’ve even had a case where a hiring manager flew a candidate in for a final round of interviews after seeing only their video and hired them on the spot. 

Our feedback on our digital shortlist platform has been tremendous and Krystian Kolondra, EVP, Opera Software says “Together with the digital platform and Titc’io’s unique ability to perfectly match leadership talent with sometimes only limited information makes this business stand out from the pack, in fact we now only use for all our critical hires across the globe”

What’s next

After watching the digital interviews, the next step is to narrow it down to the candidates you want to “bring in” for interviews. Since we are all practicing social distancing, the interview will be held online. offers their interview platform to those that would like to record and send to other employees. The difference between our platform and Zoom, skype & Hangouts is that ours is GDPR compliant, you have all the videos in one place (making it easier to compare candidates), there is a function to comment on each video and give constructive feedback for your team to see, and finally there is nothing to install for both you and the candidate. Take a look at our video below that explains the features of our online interview platform and to see how it all works.

Though this is a difficult time, we want to help businesses create a new norm. There are projects that need to be built, and hopes to be that support. Book a free 30-minute call with us!

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