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Revolutionary FinTech Recruitment

Founded with the vision to revolutionize FinTech recruitment, (formally TalentintheCloud) has evolved into a holistic growth partner for FinTech companies. Our journey began with a successful 12-month project with DPO Group in 2016, focusing on aggressive expansion and top-tier talent acquisition. Today, we continue to redefine executive search in the 21st century. Since then, we have delivered assignments across 37 countries, assisted some of the continents fastest growing FinTech's take market share which has led to numerous exists and the creation of many multi dollar millionaires. 

Precision-Matched Talent


Say goodbye to sifting through endless resumes. Our deep fintech expertise enables us to precision-match candidates to your unique needs, ensuring you get talent that fits not just the role, but your company culture

Speed up hiring by up to 70%


Our video platform allows you to compare candidates side by side, along with their CV and our interview notes. This greatly reduces your time to hire – in some cases by 70% as you can share videos with your other team members to get instant feedback.

HR Support


With experience across multiple African countries, our HR practice will help formulate your talent strategy, set up HR KPIs, perform strategic workforce planning, formulate a talent motivation and retention strategy, and we offer labor law advisory.

Range of Services

Executive Search

Skip the gatekeepers and go straight to the top. Our unparalleled network in the fintech sector Specializing in C-level and senior roles, we find leaders who fit your culture and drive your business forward.

Embedded Talent

Get specialized talent right when you need it, without the overheads of full-time hires.

Interim Executives

Fill critical gaps in your leadership without the long-term commitment.

The Perfect Blend of Human and Machine

In the dynamic FinTech landscape, titc delivers speed and precision. Our cutting-edge video and shortlisting tech accelerate hiring by 70%. But we go beyond algorithms. Our seasoned experts bring irreplaceable human insight to understand your unique culture and needs. The outcome? A recruitment process that’s not just quick but also incredibly smart. With titc, you get the best of both worlds: tech efficiency and human wisdom.”

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Why Choose Us?

We’re not just filling roles; we’re building the future of FinTech. Our approach is high-touch, personalized, and agile. Unlike generalist agencies, our deep industry knowledge allows us to understand the nuances and trends in FinTech, enabling us to offer tailored solutions that drive real results.

Tailored FinTech Expertise

While generalist agencies offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide solutions meticulously tailored to the FinTech sector. We speak your language, understand your challenges, and know how to solve them.

Immediate Network Access

Generalist agencies might get you resumes; we get you immediate access to decision-makers in the FinTech industry. Your next hire could be a strategic partnership in disguise

Turnover is a Thing of the Past

Generalist agencies fill roles; we build teams. Our clients experience a 40% reduction in turnover, translating to significant cost savings and a more cohesive, productive work environment

Exponential Growth

Our clients don't just grow; they soar. Companies we've partnered with have scaled their teams by up to 300% within a year, securing crucial funding rounds and accelerating market penetration

Holistic HR Services

Beyond recruitment, our HR offerings like organizational design and compensation planning are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the FinTech sector

Data-Driven Talent Intelligence

Make informed decisions based on our deep market analysis, tailored specifically to the FinTech industry, not generic market trends

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