Why Diversity in FinTech is a non-negotiable

diversity in FinTech

Why you need to build a Diverse FinTech Team: A Strategic Imperative for Innovation and Growth In the dynamic world of financial technology, diversity is more than a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative that fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and drives growth. At titc.io, we understand that the path to a truly influential brand in the […]

Financial Inclusion or Financial Literacy?

Financial Inclusion vs. Financial Literacy

Introduction The narrative surrounding financial inclusion in Africa has been overwhelmingly positive, with various stakeholders, from governments to NGOs and FinTech companies, pushing for more accessible financial services. While financial inclusion is undoubtedly important, it overshadows an equally significant issue: financial literacy. This blog post aims to challenge the prevailing notion that financial inclusion alone […]

Accelerate Your FinTech Career with Tracy Birdsall

Accelerate Your FinTech Career With Tracy Birdsall

In this podcast episode, “Accelerate Your FinTech Career With Tracy Birdsall”, we sit down with the VP of EMEA Business Development at Worldpay. Impressive Fintech Trajectory Tracy Birdsall’s illustrious fintech career spans renowned enterprises, culminating in her current impactful position. Her experience across these industry giants enriches her insights into the fintech evolution Inclusion and […]

The FinTech Rap

Darren Franks

I was challenged by Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Founder of the European Women in Payments Network  and the African Women in FinTech and Payments Network to record a FinTech Rap (The FinTech Rap) after none other than Chris Skinner took to the Mic for his first-ever live rap (you can watch that here). I’ll let you be […]

Women and the effects of COVID-19

Women and the effects of COVID-19

During this global pandemic, I decided it was time to investigate how women are responding to the effects of COVID-19 and, in particular, the age of ‘working from home’.  In the true family tradition, I decided to take the topic to the lunch table, albeit virtually. Coming from a family of strong women, I grew […]

FinTech needs more men!


Yes, you read this right: the FinTech sector needs more men, but before you reach for the pickax, it’s worth noting that I’m a huge supporter of gender diversity and equality, and this article by no means conflicts with my commitment to driving diversity across the FinTech sector.  In fact, quite to the contrary.  The […]